Rosie here!, I have always found writing very therapeutic so I have a few unpublished blogs from different times of my life but I never felt brave enough to publish them publicly  mostly because of my hatred of social media but despite that I have started this blog in hopes to meet and help others who are going through similar situations than myself.

This post is basically to say Welcome and to give you all a brief overview of what you can expect from me. Me and my Husband Mr. Driscoll (does not want his first name shared) have three beautiful sons. Jude-10yrs, Isaiah-9yrs, and Noah-14months. Jude is our biological son where as Isaiah and Noah are adopted yet we love all three just the same. 3yrs ago we lost Jude to a hit and run driver when he was only 7yrs old so Jude was only in Isaiah’s life for a little while and he never met Noah but I know he is with them protecting them every day.  The grief for a child is something that never ever goes away so I hope being able to share my experiences of that here will help me and others who have gone through child loss heal.

Now onto my son Isaiah who will be the main topic of this blog. Isaiah was your average 9yr old boy until he was diagnosed with an ultra rare cancer called ”Epithelioid Sarcoma” of the neck  he is the only child in Wales to be diagnosed with this kind of cancer in the neck and the 2nd child to have it in the neck in the whole world. So this means this cancer is extremely unknown and under researched, saying that Childhood cancer, in general, is only given 4% of funding which is so wrong. No child should be forced to undergo ADULT and OUTDATED treatments to stay alive even though most of the treatments leave the children who do survive with awful long term physical and emotional health issues. I hope sharing Isaiah’s story will help get Childhood cancer and most importantly Epithelioid sarcoma the awareness and funding it so desperately needs, our children are worth more than 4!

We are Christians, we don’t disagree with any other religion yet there will be talks of God and our beliefs so we hope you too are able to respect our choice to believe.

Like I said before I’m not a big fan of social media never have been but since becoming a mama to my adopted boys I have become even more wary of what I share online. So because of this, I will not be sharing any photos of myself or my boy’s faces, Wanting to give Isaiah a choice I did ask if he would like me to share photos of himself but he declined too so I will be respecting his wishes. No personal details will be shared either like the Town we live in or the hospitals where Isaiah will be getting treated at. After a long talk with Mr Driscoll, we have agreed that if in the future we build up a fanbase who would like us to have a PO.Box that we may create one but that is way into the future and still up for discussion.  My email will also be issued out to trusted followers whom would like to get in contact with me about anything I share in my blogs, please feel free to share my blogs if you would like no need to ask.

Thank you all for visiting my blog and following my journey with me, I look forward to getting to know you all, I hope we are able to help each other.

Much Love

Rosie, MrD, Isaiah, Noah and (Jude)  ❤


2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Please contact me if you are interested in research for Epitheliod Sarcoma.

    My 16 year old son was recently diagnosed with Epitheliod Sarcoma as well. I am working very hard at research for this horrific disease. I have found a research facility that is willing to partner with us! This lab, http://www.cc-tdi.org, is the lab that made the first mouse model of Epitheliod Sarcoma in the world. They also are connected with the only other child to have had this in the neck.

    I am also talking to UCLA about adding EpiS to their currrnt mouse model research project. UCLA is where my son is being treated.

    Lastly, please consider joining the Facebook pages: Epitheliod Sarcoma Awareness and Childood Epitheliod Sarcoma pages. These have a lot of resources and support for you there.


    1. Hey Kim, I’m very interested with this research thank you for sharing this site I was not aware they are treating another child with it in the neck? I’m in contact with someone who’s boy passed away from it in the neck so I honestly thought they were the only ones. I don’t really have a Facebook account due to privacy reasons but I will keep in mind these sites and may join Facebook again. Please feel free to contact me on RosieDriscoll550@yahoo.com


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